Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Archons- Elite warriors of termen society


Archon or Royal Termen  are the elite of terman society.  Most will spend their lives in service to the nest they were born into, drawing power from the spirit of the colony to augment their considerable physical skills.  Others will leave their home nests to seek adventure, building their fame and retinue, in order to mount a challenge for the rule of another existing colony or start their own.  Although termen of any caste can mount such a challenge if they gain enough renown, archons, with their larger physical size and domineering personalities are most likely to be successful. Male and female archons are as similar as the two sexes of any caste are, showing only minor differences in color and hair-like bristle patterns. After a female becomes a queen, she undergoes metamorphosis, her middle limbs becoming legs to aid in supporting her large, egg-filled abdomen.

They are Paladins, but they primarily worship their own colony as an entity and expression of their chief god.  They focus on spells that aid in commanding minions and those used for single combat with their peers. Think of them a bit like Dark Sun Templars.

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