Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Swarm Lord- Master of vermin hordes

Swarm Lords

Swarm Lord: The Swarm Lord can be built fairly easily from a druid of the circle of the moon with the following changes:

 Circle of the Swarm

 As Circle of the Moon, with the following changes:

At 2nd level All Circle Forms you take must be invertebrates (Ex. Ants, wasps, crabs, centipedes, worms, octopus, etc.).

At 6th level and beyond, forms like Thri-Kreen, Ankhegs and Umber Hulks of appropriate CR level may be taken.

In place of Elemental Wild Shape-
Swarm: At 10th level you can expend two uses of Wild Shape to take on the form of an Insect Swarm of a chosen type.

In place of Thousand Forms-
Swarm Lord: At 14th level you gain Insect Plague as always prepared and it does not count against the number of prepared spells for the day.  When in Swarm form, you may take control of the Insect Plague, add its damage to your own form and eliminate the concentration requirement.

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