Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Terrarch healer and warren builder


Terrarchs: Because they live underground, it should be no surprise that their clerics are focused on the Earth Domain.
There may be a better homebrew earth domain cleric out there, but try this:

Earth Domain Spells

Cleric Level                  Spells
      1st             Meld into Stone, Earth Tremor
      3rd            Erupting Earth, Stone Skin
      5th            Wall of Stone, Transmute Rock
      7th            Move Earth, Flesh to Stone
      9th            Disintegrate, Earthquake

Bonus Cantrip
At 1st level you automatically gain the Magic Stone and Mold Earth cantrips. 

Channel Divinity: Summon Earth Elemental
At 2nd level you may use your channel divinity to Conjure minor Elementals (earth) of a combines CR of 1/4 your level. Thus at 8th level you could conjure one earth elemental CR 2 or two CR 1, or four CR 1/2, etc.

Channel Divinity: Summon from the Plane of Earth
At 6th level when you use your Channel Divinity  to conjure minor earth elementals, you have a 10% chance of summoning a Galeb Duhr. This chance increases by 1% per level above 6th.

Crystal Carapace
At 8th level you grow a permanent crystaline layer to your flesh that provides advantage against non-magical Slashing (not bludgeoning or Piercing) damage.

Earth Walk
At 17th Level you may move through earth at your walking speed.

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