Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Minions and Metal Smiths


Minion or Termen Worker:  This caste does most of the work within colonies and aids in defense. They are small in size and very good at blending into the shadows and making no vibrations when they desire not to be noticed by task masters from the other castes. There is no truly applicable archetype of rogue, but Thief will do.  Just remember they are sneaky, not criminal.

Metal Smiths: When dwarves first allied themselves with termen, they shared their knowledge of metalworking with termen who at the time had a stone-aged technology.  The minions who were assigned to work with and learn from the dwarves soon formed their own caste within terman society.  Much as the consumption of elven magic morphed the bodies of termen into humanoid form, metal smiths have come to mimic their dwarven companions in many ways.  Their bodies are broader and taller than a normal minion, and, unique among termen, they grow lush beards of hair-like bristles.

They are fighters, but many are known as Dwarf-friends and have been given Dwarven Combat Training.

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